At the CTIA Wireless event last week, bio-resonance technology company von Hoffmann & Partner Technologies together with CeL-Factor introduced its new line of EMF radiation protection devices. The CeL-Factor technology uses its own Energetic Quanta Cymatics Communication Technology (EQCCT) to protect wireless device users from absorbing the effects of EMF radiation.

The company claims that its technology will help mobile users in two ways: keep a person’s head temperature cooler when using a cell phone, and keep a cell phone user’s blood in a normal state (note that this has not been proven yet). von Hoffmann and Partner Technologies reportedly participated in a comprehensive study conducted at the world renowned Jasper Clinical Research and Development to determine its effectiveness in diminishing the harmful effects of EMF radiation. So how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

According to the company, its CeL-Factor device will not affect the performance of mobile phones or other devices. CeL-Factor does not shield or block the EMF radiation from the cell phone or other wireless devices. If it did, the wireless device would not function as designed,” the company said. CeL-Factor claims to work in the body of a wearer by communicating on a cellular level to keep cells organized when distortion occurs from EMF emitting devices such as cell phones and other wireless devices.

Although the World Health Organization considers the heavy usage of cell phones as carcinogenic, that will not exclude us from adding a grain of salt to the said CeL-Factor technology. Of course, one strong reason is that we haven’t really tried it. If you’ll head over to the Cel-Factor website, you’ll see the said devices with their corresponding price.

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