Ah, the printer – this is one peripheral that has not exactly seen a design revolution as compared to the rest of the computer. Notebooks have evolved to netbooks in the past as part of the branch, and now we are moving towards the Ultrabook category which is extremely thin to rival that of the MacBook Air. As for printers? Most of us own inkjet printers, while some others prefer laser printers, but regardless of which model you choose, they are still large and bulky – relatively speaking, of course, coming in that ugly rectangular design.

Not only that, most inkjet printers can be said to be noisy (despite the brochure telling you otherwise), vibrating as it prints out whatever documents you are working on. The Circle concept that you see here is an effort and minimizing the sign without losing a single bit of functionality, and it does not even look like a printer in the first place – how cool is that? Too bad this remains a concept and looks likely to be so for a long time.

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