A watch is just that – something that you wear on your wrist in order to keep track of the time, not to mention having it accessorize your wardrobe. Well, ConnecteDevice has a very different idea as to how a watch should be like, announcing the cookoo watch that will launch on Kickstarter. The cookoo watch is a piece of wearable technology which extends your smartphone’s functionality to your wrist, basically turning you into a modern day Dick Tracy. This timepiece will feature Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to your smartphone in real time.


It does not matter whether your smartphone is of the iOS or Android persuasion, the cookoo watch will still play nice, informing you whenever you receive a call, a text message, a calendar reminder, and Facebook messages, amongst others. You have full control over the type of customization and prioritized alerts to suit the situation, showing off only the information that you want to see. Whenever there is an incoming notification, the associated icon will make an appearance alongside a beep or vibration. Available in black on black, brushed stainless on black, blue on black, white on black, and green on black (special Kickstarter edition), it ought to retail for $99.95, while blue and white color editions will retail for $129.95 should it be realized. [Press Release]

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