Telco Provider O2 has struck up an agreement with the Costa Coffee chain that will ensure a large number of laptops and tablets will be around the local cafes around the Olympics area. Through the deal, O2 has agreed that it will provide the UK coffee shop chain with Free Wi-Fi. The deployment has already started in London to keep ahead of the Olympics which will take place this summer along with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. The service that will be provided is free for everyone regardless of what mobile or broadband provider they use.

However it is a sign up service so potential users have to register themselves before making full use of the Wi-Fi facility in any of the O2 Wi-Fi hotspots near the venue. If you are looking to sign up to a loyalty scheme meted out by the coffee chain, there will obviously be added benefits such as unlimited access since regular customers are capped at 30 minutes for free Wi-Fi for every registered device for the entire day.

Both methods however, are free but your decision should be based on how long you are looking to sip on your coffee and be on the internet especially since the commission behind the Olympics recently announced that sharing any photos or videos as a ticket holder would be illegal. So if you’re looking to stay at a nearby Costa Coffee while biding your time for the games to begin nearby, do think about signing up for the loyalty program otherwise, in just half an hour, you’d be deprived of any extra Wi-Fi service.

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