MysteryGuitarMan Joe Penna is a famous musician who has used Apple products in the past to make creative videos that go along with pieces that he decides to play has done it again. This time around, using choreography that must have been mind-boggling, he and his team of friends used four of Apple’s iPhone 4 to provide a dazzling visual display as viewers are serenaded with Fun.’s popular hit ‘We Are Young’. The choreography was so complex for the video using the Apple devices that the 2 and a half minute long veritable music video became a 2 and a half minute long puzzle for those who were involved.

The videos on each iPhone 4 were pre-recorded precisely using a large format video and the whole puzzling process was filmed with a ceiling-mounted camera as explained in a behind-the-scenes feature, but the arrangement of devices and synchronization of their movements required some massive attention to detail. After a reported 238 takes, the team finally got it together and the result of their amazing use of technology and beautiful acoustic music is embedded above for your viewing pleasure. The video and the effort that went into it was very well received on YouTube with one user even commenting, “I would go crazy after take five.”

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