If you’ve got an old, but still functional projector lying around that you’d like to make use of, you might be interested in taking a look at the Kanex ATV Pro. This little gadget will allow projectors that are old and missing HDMI ports to connect to the Apple TV. The ATV Pro will connect to the Apple TV via its HDMI port and will provide projectors a VGA port to connect to, thus allowing Apple TV owners to playback the content on their Apple TV devices via a projector that might have otherwise been left to collect dust in the corner. Older sound systems are not left out of the party either thanks to the ATV Pro’s stereo minijack. Apart from using it for home entertainment, the ATV Pro will also find use in schools and classrooms where legacy projectors are still in use and thanks to its AirPlay compatibility, teachers can mirror the displays on their iPads or other iOS devices via the projectors as well. The Kanex ATV Pro is HDCP 1.2 compliant and accepts SD and HD signals via HDMI from 480i to 1080p with a vertical refresh rate range of 50Hz to 60Hz. Details can be found at Kanex’s website where you will also be able to pick one up for $59.


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