Microsoft has yet to come forward with a statement of their own regarding the update path of Windows Phone 8. Based on the back and forth rumors, there have been arguments by some prominent names in the industry that have suggested that current Windows Phone 7.5 devices will not see the Windows Phone 8 update, while vague rumors from murky sources have suggested otherwise. Since nothing has been officially announced, at this point in time we guess it could head either way, so if you’re a Windows Phone 7.5 user hoping that your phone will be eligible for the update, here’s a rumor you might be pleased to hear.

According to My Microsoft Life, they have been tipped by one a “trusted source” from Microsoft’s PR firm Waggener Edstrom who apparently revealed that the current batch of Windows Phone devices will be getting the Windows Phone 8 update. No word on what the current batch refers to (could be phones which launched with Mango), but the report goes on to state that this information will be corroborated in the coming weeks via “leaks”. All of this admittedly sounds very suspicious so we suggest that you not read too much into this for now, at least until the alleged “leaks” start to appear that might lend some credence to the rumor. Until then generous doses of salt are recommended.

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