They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and most guys I know would not mind owning a Porsche in the garage either – put two and two together, and what do you get? Why, a pimped up ride, of course. Who does not want a Porsche that comes covered in crushed diamonds?  Porsche-tuner Gemballa from Germany is the inspiration behind this particular idea, creating one of the more opulent vehicles in the history of mankind by coming up with a vehicle that is encrusted from top to bottom in diamonds. Of course, the tyres will be spared, as you need some rubber to help you remain stuck to the road, right? The demo model is what you see above, as the actual, driveable version will have windscreens and windows that you can see through.

Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz says, “When Gemballa speaks of diamonds, we really mean it. Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient – not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals.” The paint used is actually made out of diamonds that have been ground down to a dust, although they will still retain that sparkling look. Makes me wonder if people will start to dub this as the Twilight Porsche considering how Edward sparkles in the sun! No pricing has been released yet, but this rule applies – if you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it.

Something tells me that a sheik somewhere would want to own one of these, and will it blind other drivers on the road with the reflection it gives off?

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