There have been plenty of rumors surrounding an Apple TV and it pretty much exploded ever since Walter Isaacson’s release of the the Steve Jobs biography. As to whether such a device currently exists remains to be seen, but it seems that thanks to the folks over at CulfofMac, they are claiming that one of their sources saw a prototype of the rumored “iTV”. According to their source, the device reportedly looks pretty similar to the current lineup for Apple Cinema Displays except larger.

The device apparently features a built-in iSight camera that allows for FaceTime calls to be placed, and at the same time sporting facial recognition and tracking technology. This allows the camera to follow the user’s face and zoom in on it which means that you should have no problems placing FaceTime calls from the couch as opposed to having to stand directly in front of the TV. It has also been reported that the device could see integration with Siri which not only allows for FaceTime calls to be made, but presumably will allow for control of the device as well. Will this “tip” pan out? We have to wonder but until then, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt until more concrete evidence has been uncovered.

[Image credit – CultofMac/Dan Draper Design]

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