apple-itvRemember there was a point in time where thanks to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that there were rumors flying about that Apple was planning on creating their own TV? That was several years ago and fast forward to today, the rumored “iTV” is still nowhere in sight. As it turns out it is because the project had been nixed more than a year ago.

This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal which revealed that Apple had apparently cancelled the rumored iTV project more than a year ago. However it seems that Apple could not come up with enough features that would make their product more compelling, at least against the competition, many of whom are well-established players in the TV market.

It was also revealed that creating their own TV was something Apple had been exploring for at least a decade. Some of the rumored prototypes included a transparent display that used lasers to display an image, but that proved to be too power-hungry and the image quality was too poor to be considered viable.

There was also talks about introducing a FaceTime-like feature to the TV but like we said, these aren’t exactly features that would get customers rushing out to buy one for themselves. It is unclear if Apple will start looking into designing the TV again, but for now if the reports are to be believed, the project has been shelved. Anyone else disappointed by this?

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