tim-cook-oled-displays-awfulWhen you think of Apple, probably a few key gadgets come to mind, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players (although the iPod does appear to be on the decline). That being said these are a handful of product categories that Apple is in at the moment and while it might not be as much compared to other companies, say like Samsung or LG who have dived into home appliances and television, we guess focusing on a few key categories is better than spreading themselves too thin. However it looks like Apple could be expanding their product categories, thanks to an interview Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did with The Wall Street Journal recently.

According to Cook, he said that customers can looking forward to “really great stuff” from the company in the future, and that Apple’s upcoming products can be considered by anyone “reasonable” to be in new product categories. Naturally Cook declined to dive into any specifics, but we can only assume that by new categories, he could be talking about wearable devices like the rumored iWatch, and also possibly the rumored Apple iTV as well, which has been talked about for a good couple of years now with nothing to show for it. Then again Cook could just be expressing optimism for the sake of it, but here’s hoping that we will see new and exciting Apple products later this year!

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