We’ve come across several accessories for iOS devices that helps to boost its audio passively. However if you do not own an iOS device that the particular accessory has been designed for, then you’d be out of luck, right? Well not anymore thanks to the SoundJaw Unlimited Kickstarter project. For those wondering why this sounds familiar, it’s because the original SoundJaw was a plastic device that clipped onto your iPad, thus boosting its audio passively. So what’s the difference between the original and the Unlimited version? Well for starters it will do the exact same thing, but the main difference is that unlike the original version that works only for the iPad, the SoundJaw Unlimited will work on pretty much any iOS device (i.e. iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc). Even better news is that it will also be usable on non-iOS devices like Amazon’s Kindle, Kindle Fire, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook and even the Samsung Galaxy Note! Granted it probably won’t be as loud as proper set of speakers, but if you’re looking for something unobtrusive to take with you in public, the SoundJaw Unlimited might be a Kickstarter project worth investing in. [Kickstarter]


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