It seems that there must always be new ways to shock and awe the audience if you were to be a public performer – and Coldplay figured out a way to take advantage of the sea of humanity at their concerts, recently handing the audience Xylobands – LED-illuminated wristbands which can be activated through a radio signal, where these wristbands will feature the Twitter hashtag #coldplayfilm printed on them in order to promote their live DVD. There is a bunch of colors to choose from, although no guarantees as to whether they suit you or not. The Xylobands can be turned on at certain points during the concert, and the audience will end up as multicolored twinkling lights when seen from afar.

It is hoped that the Xylobands will function as a way to foster a sense of community between the fans and the band. Once the concert is over, you have two choices – recycle them on site, or to bring them home for free as souvenirs. I am quite sure that most folks would settle for the latter, but what would you do? If you are not a hoarder, then recycling is probably more your gig.

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