Foxconn, a company that has courted controversy as well as attention from around the world with a spate of suicides in the past, is back in the news – as yet another 23-year old worker decided to end his life by jumping from his apartment. Having started work at Foxconn just from last month, police are currently looking into his death. This suicide comes after Foxconn pledged to improve the company’s working conditions at its Chinese plants, after falling under the microscope of the media and worker rights groups.

A Fair Labor Association report did reveal that Foxconn would never make it as one of the best places to work in the world, after discovering violations of several worker rights in 2012 – and on a large scale, too. Since then, Foxconn did pick up the slack, and even went out of their way to hire tens of thousands of new workers as part of the effort to reduce employee overtime. Other measures taken included safety protocols being improved, upgraded worker accommodation, and bread-and-butter issues like a raise.

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