If ordering pizza online via Facebook, or a fridge magnet is still too slow for you, then you have to check out this awesome pizza vending machine that will soon launch in the U.S. Wait, did I just say pizza vending machine? Well yes, I did. Italian pizza maker Claudio Torghel of Netherlands, together distributor A1 Concepts, is announcing the coming of its Let’s Pizza vending machine that delivers Italian pizza in a couple of minutes. The Let’s Pizza vending machine has been expanding across Europe since its launch three years ago. And so far, the company says that it’s been a “huge success”.

While we never got the chance to try it or even taste it, Let’s Pizza promises to deliver a healthy and a genuine Italian pizza experience in just two and a half minutes. Ronald Rammers of A1 Concepts explained that the vending machine contains a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water, so that each time you order a pizza, the machine will start making the dough, then it will shape it into a crust and top it with organic tomato sauce and special ingredients. As for the pricing, Rammers said that the suggested retail price for a 10.5-inch pizza is $5.95, although that could change. The company is prepping up to open a branch in Atlanta later this year.

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