Another rumor mill is rising from the east. Taiwanese publication DigiTimes is reporting that Microsoft is prepping up a new strategy intended to boost the development of its apps. In a move to resolve Microsoft’s lack of apps, Microsoft is reportedly planning to introduce profit sharing with developers and brand vendors to help strengthen its app database.  Sources allegedly told DigiTimes today that Android’s 500,000 apps on Google Play and Apple’s 600,000  in the App Store are creating enormous pressure on Windows 8.

“After experiencing failures in challenging the smartphone industry, Microsoft has changed its attitude for Windows 8. Although Microsoft currently has about 90% share in the PC operating system market, the company decided to change its strategy for Windows 8 from dominating all the profits to sharing with app designers and PC vendors,” the publication wrote.

The said new profit sharing strategy will reportedly include an offer to app developers a profit sharing scheme that is higher than what Google and Apple is offering. And in addition to that, Microsoft is said to be planning to offer hardware brand vendors a profit share if consumers purchase apps that are recommended by the company. PC brand vendors, on the other hand, refused to comment about the details of the profit sharing scheme. Microsoft also declined to make a comment about it, DigiTimes said.

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