The world could definitely get help from all quarters as part of the global recycling effort, ensuring that there will be a planet for our children to inherit once we end up as worm food. Hence, it is nice to know that Westminster and Camden councils in London are rolling out the Bin, Scan, Win! project that will enable residents to enter a prize draw through the simple act of scanning QR codes that are strategically located on the sides of recycling bins using their smartphones or tablets. When you scan the QR code, it will send you over to a website, where some personal information like your email address needs to be entered. After doing so, you will be in for the running for a £20 voucher, with the total value of rewards standing at £2,460.

It is not much, but at least it is a new way of implementing QR codes in order to “communicate” with residents. This basically points towards a huge and expanding market that involves mobile devices, and as more and more people hop onto the smartphone bandwagon, why not do something like this? Perhaps when folks are drawn to the recycling bins just for scanning the QR codes, they might be nudged into doing their part for the earth as well.

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