QR codes are not just meant for advertising as well as offering a quick link to more product information, so to speak, but it can also be applied in more formal settings. Case in point – having QR codes imprinted on your tombstone as a new and yet affordable method for one to remember a loved one in a meaningful manner. Basically, scanning the QR code with your smartphone or table will allow you to share your life story – much more than what a single excerpt engraved on your tombstone is able to “tell”. After all, a favorite Bible verse or excerpt from a poem is not going to reveal too much information about your past life, and no one has engraved their personal history on a tombstone before – at least, not at the graveyards that I have been to all my life.

Life can be better represented with the help of QR codes, and it is also an inexpensive manner to do so. Not only that, those who prefer to inter the ashes of their loved ones in an urn can also have a QR code do the same, you need not have to be buried in a plot just to gain access to this technology. Not only that, future generations can always make add ons to whatever details of your life without requiring more work to be done with a chisel, but rather, using just a few strokes of the keyboard instead.

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