We hardly cover news about refrigerators, but today’s story is a little special – off the beaten path, or so you might say. The Smeg fridge is covered with denim, while it ensures that everything inside remains nice and cool as well. Denims have proven to be one of the more popular material used for clothing, especially when it comes to a good pair of jeans. Why not dress up your kitchen in the same way as well? Of course, you should not have denim as the material of choice for your countertop, otherwise cooking a dish or two on a gas stove might prove to be a fire hazard.

The Smeg fridge is the first and only fridge of its kind in the world, coming covered in denim. One might even consider this to be a fine work of art, where it has been stitched with a high degree of precision, where it is said to be impossible to spot any kind of flaw – the very pinnacle of Italian style, or so some of us might say. It does come across as very casual and retro in nature, and there will only be 500 of these puppies available worldwide.

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