A smile costs you nothing, and yet offers adequate exercise for your facial muscles while bringing down the guard of others around you. Well, you can add one more benefit to the list – it will make life easier for folks who spend plenty of time opening a fridge to snack on its contents. Scientists at the University of Tokyo Sony CSL (Computer Science Labs) have made such a scenario possible, hoping to force those who are feeling down to cheer up by requiring them to smile so that they can easily open the fridge’s door.

A device known as a “Happiness Counter” is attached to a regular refrigerator, where it will scan your face as you stand in front. Depending on the level of your smile, the door’s difficulty level in opening will vary. Of course, this does sound like a good idea in practice, but anyone with anger management issues might take offense at such a device and actually give it a good beating or even trash it completely whenever they want to binge on comfort food when not feeling up to snuff.

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