If sounds, drop down or pop up notifications aren’t enough to capture your attention, then this Kickstarter project dubbed the L8 SmartLight might be something worth checking out. Comprised of 64 LED lights on one side, and a super LED light on the other, the L8 SmartLight will play nice with your computer or your smartphone/tablet, blinking brightly every time you receive a notification. According to its creators, it should be able to pair with just about any service out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, game results, temperature outside, etc.

Also thanks to its ability to pair with your phone, your missed calls or unanswered messages will be a thing of the past. Since not all phones come with a built-in LED light to inform you that you have a missed call/email/text awaiting you, this looks like it will come in handy. In fact it has even been suggested that it can be used in your car or bike as a turn-by-turn navigation, with the lights transforming into arrows telling you to turn left, right or keep going straight. The possibilities are endless! Anyway the project is currently seeking funding and is quite a way off from its Kickstarter goal, so if you wouldn’t mind getting the L8 SmartLight for yourself, head on over to its Kickstarter page to pledge your donation or for more details.

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