While there are many who would claim that Apple is a true pioneer among companies, coming up with products that are said to be revolutionary and evolutionary, we certainly cannot discount the fact that there are also other companies that offer pioneering work as well. Case in point, Google’s reach in the computing world has just expanded further with the recent portrayal of Google Glass in action, and I don’t suppose that Apple also wants in on a bit of the action. It is said that Apple has been playing around with the idea of a heads-up display or video glasses since 2006, and their efforts has been granted with a patent.

Earlier in July, Apple’s video glasses project picked up a second patent, and today, the US Patent Office has just published a new patent application from Apple concerning a heads-up display of the future which will focus on delivering a kind of Retina Display which has a quality similar to that of a smaller display, and a far smaller battery is also the “engine” that runs this particular pair of glasses. It is said that the battery is smaller than an iPhone, and their latest patent application is titled ” Display Resolution Increase with Mechanical Actuation.” Bear in mind that this is not a design patent, but rather, is a representation of a “generic” heads-up display concept. There is no word on when something like this will hit the market though.

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