GO-GOIf you’re looking for a new chair that you can use for relaxing, working and playing computer games, the GO-GO modern rocking chair might be what you need. Featuring a fully adjustable design, the GO-GO can transform from a regular rocking chair into a workspace device for you to work on your laptop (or play games) and into a racing chair where you can place your steering wheel and foot pedals to play racing simulations. A pretty cool solution for folks who want an all-in-one device that they can use to turn any room in the house into gaming or working area.


What’s also great about the GO-GO is the degree of customizability you get with it. If you’re unhappy with the standard racing chair provided, you’re free to install one of your own onto it. The sides of the chair is made from birchwood that can be easily painted over (by yourself or by the GO-GO guys) to whatever design you want. It is also pretty light at 55lbs and can easily be rolled about to wherever you want to place it.

If you’ve been looking for a rocking chair that can do all that, head over to Kickstarter to pledge an order for one. Prices start from $399 to $999 depending on how assembled you want it to be and whether you want the included racing seat or not. However, since it still hasn’t reached its target goal of $10,000 (29 days to go) there’s a chance it might not be made. Be sure to spread the word if you want to see this chair become a reality.


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