Portal LEGOEarlier this year, when LEGO made Minecraft-themed sets – people were ecstatic. Well, it looks like it could be a time for a whole new set of fanboys (and girls) to jump for joy. For those who didn’t know – Minecraft LEGO started off as an idea that was pitched on the CUUSOO site. It garnered over 10,000 votes before it was reviewed by LEGO and then turned into a real LEGO set. Now, there’s a Portal-themed LEGO set recently hit over 8,300 votes, which is pretty close to the magical 10k number which will grant it an official review.

There’s no guarantee that even after a review the Portal-themed LEGO set will become reality (not to mention LEGO will have to sort out any licensing issues) but if you’re one of those interested, keep your fingers crossed. In fact, you can head over to the CUUSOO page for the Portal set and cast a vote to help bring it closer to 10k. Check out more images of the Portal LEGO set here.

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