Folks who have placed a pre-order for Google Glass might want to look out for something interesting in their mailboxes, that would be, ‘private updates’ headed your way. In fact, the Google Glass team did send out an email to those who have placed a pre-order on the device at the Moscone West convention center sometime last month, touting that these Google Glass “explorers” will receive a copy of Google+ post as shown on the right, specially penned by Google co-founder Sergey Brin himself – accompanied by several instructions on how one is able to receive private updates concerning the Glass project with the help of one’s Google+ account.

Apart from that, ‘explorers’ of Google Glass did report that they have received a mysterious package, where Google’s Mountain View headquarters were labeled as the return address. A simple blue box with blue silk lining on the inside, accompanied by a cushion that holds up a thick glass paperweight with a 4-digit number imprinted completes the entire package. It will still take some time before the Google Glass project takes off in a big way, as it is tipped to ship some time next year.

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