While the iPad might have originally been meant to be used without a stylus, let’s face it, taking notes or drawing using our sometimes fat and clumsy fingers aren’t the best of ideas. While some people manage to get by doing so, a stylus would seem like a more efficient solution and if you think you wouldn’t mind getting a stylus for your iPad, here’s one that you can add to the list of styluses already available in the market. Dubbed the TruGlide Duo, the photo above and name should already give you a clue as to what you can expect.

However just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, the TruGlide Duo is a stylus designed for tablets that not only lets you write/draw on your tablet, but by simply flipping it around, it will also pull double duty as a regular ball point pen that you can write/draw with on regular paper. It looks pretty stylish and weighs a pretty hefty 1.4 ounces (as far as styluses are concerned) and will set you back $40. You can pick one up for yourself by heading to Lynktec’s website.

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