So the verdict is out on the Apple and Samsung lawsuit, where the latter will need to fork out a whopping $1 billion in compensation to the company that laid claim to property of rounded corners and other seemingly frivolous claims. I am quite sure that there are supporters on both sides of the camp, but ultimately, we would like to see the consumer win, but it is rather difficult to say that will happen in the future with what has just happened. Having said that, this ruling which might also mean a sales ban of Samsung consumer electronics in the US was a major factor in sending Samsung Electronics’ stocks to plunge the most in almost four years, making the company more than $12 billion poorer on paper.

According to Seo Won Seok, a Seoul-based analyst at Korea Investment & Securities Co., “What’s concerning is whether any ban will be extended to flagship models and will have an impact on cases in other places. Perhaps Samsung has technology to avoid some infringements, but they also need to come up with ways to get around Apple’s patents within the Android operating system.” What do you think of the entire situation?

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