Taking a couple of years for renovation work to be completed, Burberry’s Regent Street store in London, all 44,000 square feet of it, has been digitally integrated seamlessly throughout. We are talking about having full-length screens wrap the store, making you experience a sensory overload as you lose track of when the transition between audio-visual content displays start or stop, no thanks to a clever combination of live-streaming hubs and and mirrors. At certain times, models will walk between video screens, mimicking the “Burberry World Live” experience that was staged in April earlier this year.

Imagine the sight and sound of rain that begins almost silently, where it will gather strength and build up to a crescendo with a cracking thunderstorm as its climax, showing up on all the store’s screens with relevant echoes to boot, even in the fitting rooms. The clever use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that are attached to certain clothes and accessories allows one to approach screens in common areas or within a fitting room, only to be greeted by a video on how that particular fashion item is worn on the catwalk.

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