Monster is one of the better known names when it comes to the world of audio, and their next generation audio range is led by the Monster DNA headphones, where this pair of headphones is said to help usher music listeners into a new world of sound which is “as powerful and striking as the bold design” of the headphone itself. Viacom has a say in the Monster DNA headphones as well, where the former will deliver a global platform for the Monster DNA headphones in order for folks to enjoy its diverse entertainment brands.

Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales, Music and Entertainment for Viacom, said, “Just like Viacom’s brands, Monster DNA headphones are designed to reflect the creativity and confidence of young people. Through this partnership, we’re plugging Monster into the deep connection we have with our young audiences, and giving our fans a new way to experience sound and express originality.”

Sporting a unique speaker housing, the Monster DNA headphones boasts of a fashion forward two-tone color design. Advanced ear cushion design as well as an extremely light composite material delivers better ear comfort compared to other on-ear headphones in the industry. The Monster DNA headphones will hit the US this month, while our friends living across the pond will have to wait for a month later. You can choose from black, white, cobalt blue and perfect teal shades for $199.95 a pop, while those who are less conspicuous can settle for black and white in-ear versions for $99.95 each. [Press Release]

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