When it comes to getting fresh milk, you can purchase yours off the shelf from the local store, or milk the cow in your barn, it cannot get any fresher than that. However, some of us who prefer to live out the organic lifestyle are able to check out this particular vending machine in the small British town of Kingham, where it actually dishes out organic, non-homogenized milk from Guernsey cows.

All you need to do is drop a few coins into the vending machine, and organic milk will be dispensed into a glass bottle with a screw top. The machine is the possession of Adam and Caroline Fleming, where the couple runs the nearby Nell’s Dairy and will fill it up with fresh milk every couple of days. The inspiration behind this vending machine came after they spotted a somewhat similar idea when holidaying in Italy some time back. Guess having the supermarket closed is not going to be an issue as long as you have the right amount of spare change!

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