If you are in New York City, New York and recently asked Siri to tell you about the weather forecast for a few upcoming days, you may be in for a surprise. Siri is going to tell you that the weather is going to stay in the mid-90s for a few days, which is a bit too hot for the New Yorkers. Fortunately, that’s untrue and Siri has been making mistakes.

The voice-based personal assistant has apparently been mixing up the weather forecast of NYC with that of New York, Texas. Naturally, the weather is a lot warmer in Texas and there’s a significant difference in the temperatures between the two places.

Even if you tried asking Siri about the weather in ‘my area’ when being in NYC, it would still dish out the wrong results. To get the correct forecast out of it, you have to specify the zip code.

And this is not the end of it. Siri is also misreporting the weather forecasts in other areas such as Richmond and Carrollton. Apparently, the service is unable to distinguish between two places with the same names and is mixing up their weather forecasts. The issue has been reported on Apple’s official support forums but so far, Apple hasn’t issued an official response.

Image Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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