Before kids started getting their own consoles and before smartphones and tablets were known for their gaming capabilities, kids back in the day (and even today, perhaps less frequently) would visit the arcade to get their gaming fix. Of course there are some games available in the arcade that one can’t play at home, but we can’t help but feel that arcade games in some ways felt more precious. Maybe it’s because unlike games at home where you can save and reload when you die, dying in arcade games meant having to spend more money retrying that level, or even restarting from scratch if you were too slow to reload before the countdown ended.

That being said, this arcade coin slot belt buckle is most certainly a hark back to the good old days and according to its creator, ifindustries, it is made from genuine recycled arcade parts and apparently it even lights up! Of course we’re not sure what sort of message is being sent here since it implies that it might only cost 25c to “play”, but we’re sure that gamers and geeks out there wouldn’t mind wearing this out of nostalgia. Unfortunately it is sold out but its creator has stated that they will be made to order, so pop on over to ifindustries’ Etsy page to get in touch with them.

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