Electric vehicles are hailed as highly preferable as compared to the regular gas-run rides. The difference, of course, is that of the carbon footprint they leave on the environment. EVs may definitely make a great choice if only they stopped riding the pony of high price tags.

Venturi may be having a shot at enticing more customers to the EV market when it announced a rather low-budget ride at the Paris Auto Show recently. The company unveiled a $400,000 300HP ride which is fairly less pricey, compared to the average prices of the EVs.

300HP packs a 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which can take it for 200 miles without any hiccups. Most EVs usually come with a number of limitations but Venturi claims that this nifty ride is sure to take you just anywhere.

It is an all-terrain car which comes with a lot of tough muscle and can easily glide through rougher terrains. The fastest it can go is 120 mph which is definitely not bad for an EV. Moreover, recharging it takes a mere four hours, so once you have burnt all that juice in the battery, you simply need to sit idle for these four hours. The company promises that it will make the car available by 2014.

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