For those who aren’t 100% satisfied with Apple’s Maps, there is a chance that you are pining for Google Maps, even though the version for iOS was not updated and is not as advanced and feature rich compared to its Android counterpart. Now we know that Google has confirmed that they have not submitted anything to the iTunes App Store yet, they do have an app in development although when that is expected to surface is pretty much anybody’s guess. However thanks to Ben Guild, he has posted on his website rather blurry images of what he claims is Google Maps for iOS in its Alpha form.


These are just partial screenshots so we can’t really get an idea of what the final app could look like although based on what we see, it seems that Google has applied some of Android’s design language to the Google Maps app for iOS, but we guess we can’t blame them. You can head on over to Ben Guild’s website to see the rest of the screenshots, although to be honest there’s really not much to see. In any case if these screenshots are true, it’s good to know that Google is working on the app.

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