For those who follow tech news, you would know that it has been some time since we have seen Bill Gates be the main star at a Microsoft press conference, but recently, he surfaced for a rather unusual event at Microsoft’s headquarters. Joining Chief Executive Steve Ballmer alongside a slew of other dignitaries, Bill Gates helped announce a milestone in the Microsoft employee giving program that kick started 30 years ago, surpassing the magical $1 billion mark. This employee giving program began after a nudge from Gates’ parents, where Microsoft has pledged to match employee contributions to nonprofit organizations while delivering direct corporate gifts.

Through the years, over 31,000 non-profit groups have benefited from the employee giving program, and Steve Ballmer has dubbed it as a “mind numbing” milestone, while dishing out words of thanks to the nonprofit “partners” who leveraged the donations while delivering an outlet for “our folks’ incredible desire to change the world.” Hey, now you know which organization to sign up with for your career if you’re generous at heart.

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