I am quite sure that many of us can still remember the first time we watched Alien, where the Facehugger proved to be quite a monster, although not THE monster in the series. Well, what you see above is actually a research and development project that sports a slew of sensors, and each time it senses movement on your face, it will be able to measure your facial expressions (as though there was some way to measure emotions?). Of course, what we have gleaned from here hails from a Finnish translation, which is not the easiest language for translation bots to get the job done, so something factual might be misrepresented or missed out totally.

Touted to be useful in the world of sports as well as those who live with disabilities, this R&D project from Nokia might eventually take the text based communication route by reading one’s facial gestures, or perhaps use facial expressions to activate select features. There was also mention of future modifications being made for it to work on sunglasses, but that is enough speculation on our part for now. Anyone else thinks it somewhat resembles the spine bit of Dr. Octopus’ contraption in Spider-Man 2? Facehugger, you’re doing it wrong!

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