[CEATEC 2012] Earlier this morning, we talked about Sharp cranking up production of the 5” Full HD LCD panel that will most probably see action in portable devices like smartphones, phablets and perhaps even portable media players. Well, we are at CEATEC’s showfloor and managed to capture some shots of this tiny wonder, where the crux of the matter is not so much the pixel density of the 5” LCD display, but rather, the amount of juice required to run it which is relatively low compared to other 5” displays that are in the market. Hey, anything to prolong the battery life of your current device, right? We sure as heck hope to see future devices that carry this display offer a degree of power savings that hopefully will not be used for other power-hungry chipsets which would more or less defeat the purpose of this display in the first place. It is just a matter of waiting now.

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