Last week we reported that Sprint was looking to get in on the MetroPCS deal and could be looking to outbid T-Mobile. Those were rumors with nothing official having been announced, although thanks to a fresh set of rumors, it seems that Sprint might be holding off on countering T-Mobile’s offer on MetroPCS at least for the time-being. According to reports, Sprint reportedly met up with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom to discuss the proposal. The consensus reached was that Sprint should wait for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile to file the deal first before Sprint makes their decision.

Rather sporting of Deutsche Telekom but given that there has not been any official word, and since we aren’t privy to the discussions that happen behind closed doors, it’s hard to say why Sprint might have taken this route. In any case there are breakup fees involved should either T-Mobile or MetroPCS back out from the deal, but until someone steps forward and officially acknowledges Sprint’s interest in MetroPCS, we guess we will have to wait and see who MetroPCS will ultimately go to.

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