Lytro has just announced a couple of new features for its eponymous light field camera, where there will be a new software update in the weeks to come that will offer Lytro photographers the ability to change the point of view in a picture – not before, but after it has been shot thanks to the new Perspective Shift feature. Apart from that, Lytro owners are also able to make use of the interactive filters in order to edit Lytro photographs with the upcoming update. Mmmm, it does sound like a good time to be a Lytro owner, don’t you think so?

With perspective shift, Lytro photographers are able to tilt the perspective on an image up, down, left, or right with but a simple click. Not only that, shutterbugs are also able to share Perspective Shift images to Facebook and Twitter, so that their mates can shift the images without having to install additional software, now how about that for added flexibility? This feature will play nice with other photographs that were previously shot using a Lytro camera, in addition to any new light field pictures.

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