apple-itvRumors of Apple’s HDTV have been floating around for quite a while now, which for those who aren’t familiar, blew the rumor mill’s doors wide open when Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs contained a quote from Apple’s late co-founder at having finally cracked the TV code. At this point in time many have only speculated at what this alleged TV would hold, but in the meantime it seems that some big names have expressed their interest in Apple launching such a device. One of them is Time Warner’s CEO, Jeffrey Bewkes, who told Business Insider that he hopes Apple makes such a device.

Bewkes went on and stated his belief, which has been similarly shared by analysts, that Apple’s strength lies in creating sleek and intuitive user interfaces, and that Apple’s TV could be another one of its market-disrupting products. That being said, it seems that Bewkes also believes that Apple will not be alone in launching their TV and that we can expect “as many interfaces as you can get”, suggesting that there will be more players looking to disrupt the market as well. Since there have only been concept renderings and no concrete evidence of such a device existing, we really do not know what to expect, but if you had to venture a guess, what do you think Apple could introduce to the TV market that will shake things up?

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