When it comes to portable speaker systems, chances are that they are designed to be portable and perhaps end up sacrificing sound quality in favor of mobility. However assuming Boombotix’s REX speakers are able to deliver as promised, the REX is a portable speaker that could deliver some punch thanks to its 2.1 design, with a pair of high-powered drivers and a built-in woofer. To top it off, the folks at Boombotix have designed the REX to be rugged, so taking it with you to the pool or to the beach, or even during your hikes shouldn’t be a problem. That and its rather colorful design could help appeal to the younger market.

The REX speaker will pair with your mobile device or computer using Bluetooth technology, and with a built-in noise cancelling microphone, the REX can at the same double as a Bluetooth handset for you to make your calls with. For iOS users, the REX speaker is also expected to be compatible with Siri and comes with a button that when depressed for 1 second, will launch Siri on your iOS device, letting you interact with it through the speaker. Powered by a medical-grade lithium-ion battery, the REX promises 6 hours of usage before requiring a recharge which is as simple as plugging it into your computer via USB. If you’d like to learn more about REX, such as its technical aspects or perhaps donate to its Kickstarter project (a pledge of $80 will net you the speaker upon successful funding), head on over to its page for the details.

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