If you’re looking for a dock for your iPhone 5 that will play nicely with the design of your new (or maybe old) iMac, the OCDock is a Kickstarter project you might be interested in taking a look at. The premise of the OCDock is rather simple – plug your iPhone 5 into it and it charges, but one of the great things we noticed about the OCDock is the fact that it seems to blend in so well with the iMac. Made from high-grade aluminum, the OCDock features a thin cable that will run underneath your iMac, while the dock itself will stick to the base of the computer with a strong and reusable tape. What this means is that it gives off the illusion that the dock has always been part of the iMac, and that you will not need to hold the dock down when undocking your iPhone from it.

The way that it has been designed also puts it right in front of you, so any messages or calls can be seen while you work in front of your computer. Available in silver or matte black, the OCDock will also be available in the traditional 30-pin dock connector for those with older iOS devices, and if you’d like to get an OCDock for yourself upon successful Kickstarter funding, a minimum pledge of $55 will be required. More details about the OCDock can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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