It was all too recent that we brought you word that the ability for users to share images directly within Twitter via Instagram has been dropped, as there is a very high possibility of Twitter introducing photo filters of their own. Well, I guess the day has arrived, with Twitter announcing a spanking new photo filter feature that can be accessed via Twitter-built applications. Of course, this is in addition to the new profile updates that will be introduced to all users on the magical date of 12.12.12.

Coleen Baik, a senior designer at Twitter, claimed that sharing photos has been an important part of the Twitter experience, and said, “Starting today, you’ll be able to edit and refine your photos, right from Twitter. The latest versions of Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android introduce a few new ways to enhance the images you tweet.”

I guess Twitter and Instagram, once bosom buddies, are now direct competitors, and it would be interesting to see what other kinds of innovation will be thought up of down the road as the competition heats up.

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