When it comes to the Apple App Store, you can say that Cupertino keeps quite a tight rein on things, where every single app will have to go through some pretty stringent measures and quality control before they are approved for release. Having said that, Apple has already removed the photo-sharing tool known as 500px from the App Store, with a rather puzzling reason. According to Apple, the 500px app was taken off for “featuring pornographic images and material.”

It is rather puzzling, since 500px already filters pornographic images from their site before allowing photos to go through, and while there are images of naked ladies from time to time, those tend to lean more on the “artistic” nature since it attracts professional photographers and high end hobbyists alike. It is reported that 500px was in discussion with the powers-that-be at Apple in limiting the search results to a more restrictive manner, but it does seem as though Apple has decided to take things into their own hands before negotiations are over. This coming after 500px was on the Apple App Store for the past 16 months. What do you think about the situation, and where should the line be drawn?

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