I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck do have my reservations when it comes to flying cars. I mean, on a 2D plane like the road alone, we have seen our fair share of horrific accidents, or who knows, might have even been lucky enough to escape from one. Throw flying cars into the equation, and you have one big, chaotic situation, unless these flying cars have been pre-programmed and cannot be flown/driven by a human. It still amazes me how citizens of the galaxy in Star Wars are able to fly in such linear lines without breaking the law. Aren’t people tempted to do that in the future? Having said that, how about employing robot chauffeurs to get the job done instead?

According to Missy Cummings, an MIT professor and former Navy pilot, robotic drivers could be the solution to making flying cars the primary mode of transport in the future. She said, “I learned that aircraft can land themselves better on aircraft carriers than I could.It was a little humiliating. About 50 years ago there was this fantasy that everyone would have a flying car. That dream is closer to reality than we think, we just need to give up the flying part. We’re all bad drivers so we would be even worse pilots. We could have an airplane in every driveway, as long as someone else was doing the flying — i.e., automation. Once we get to where everyone has a robotic car, we’ll all be a lot safer.”

My sentiments exactly!

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