I guess there is no need for any long winded title, especially when you consider how hacker collective Anonymous have had done their bit in the past to deface several websites before. In a nutshell, what goes around, comes around, and BBC News has reported that this week saw Anonymous suffer from “an embarrassing breach, as one of its popular Twitter feeds is taken over by rival hacktivists.”

The Anonymous Twitter hack came after a couple of other high-profile Twitter hacks that happened, including Burger King that tweeted a false dawn of rival McDonald’s purchasing it to deliver what we can presume to be McWhoppers, while Jeep’s Twitter feed too, was hacked, having seen its logo change, too. This is definitely highly preventable in the first place, and chances are the hack is a result of poor password practices.

Having said that, just how secure are your Twitter, email and online banking accounts? Do you use the same password across multiple accounts, or do you have that kind of eidetic memory that ensures you can throw in 16-character passwords that comprise of a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols which are different throughout all 10 accounts without batting an eyelid?

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