Rumors of Apple possibly working on a smartwatch gained steam this week due to both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal believing such a device is currently being developed.

Mere days after the Apple smartwatch rumor mill started spinning again, we spotted a concept for such a device from Fuse Chicken that shows just how Apple could design a smartwatch.

Fuse Chicken’s iWatch concept may not feature the curved glass screen we heard in yesterday’s rumor, but they did capture the design of the iPhone 5 in the watch. The iWatch concept is .25 inches thick, comes in the same color options as the iPhone 5 and will charge through a Lightning connector to offer 3-5 days of battery life.

The iWatch concept would use Bluetooth 4.0 to stream music to headphones connected to your iPhone, although we’d wonder why you wouldn’t just play music on your iPhone itself. Making and receiving calls could be handled on the smartwatch as a speaker and microphone will be included on the device and alerts from your iPhone would also be viewable from the device.

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