Apple’s Retina Display offers some amazing visuals, but it could be receiving a boost now that Apple has hired a former senior researcher for LG.

According to a report from OLED Association, Dr. Lee Jeung-jil has been recruited by Apple for his previous experience researching OLED printing technology at LG as well as heading the research and development for LCD technology development at Samsung. Jeung-jil is said to be “more knowledgeable about OLEDs [than] any of Apple’s current staff, which is known to be quite strong.”

The purpose of the hire at this time is completely unknown, but considering Jeung-jil’s background, we could assume it’s going to be display related as having him work in the Apple cafeteria would be extremely silly and a waste of his skills. A number of us believe his influence could benefit Apple’s mobile devices by making its Retina Display even more detailed, or maybe his hiring has something to do with the long-rumored Apple TV.

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