Apple announced yesterday they plan on fixing the passcode bypass exploit found in iOS 6.1 soon, but how soon is “soon?”

According to a report from iFun, it looks as though Apple’s version of soon means early next week as Apple has confirmed with the site not only would the passcode exploit be addressed in iOS 6.1.2, but also the Microsoft Exchange bug that reportedly doesn’t allow users to retrieve their emails properly. iFun is predicting iOS 6.1.2 would be made available prior to February 21 as they’ve confirmed the timeline with its carriers.

It seems Apple has been running into more issues with its improvements to iOS than it would like to admit as they ran into Wi-Fi issues, broke its Do Not Disturb feature, and other bugs have popped up through the life of iOS 6. We’re not sure what’s up with Apple’s QA team, but judging by how many bugs have been found in iOS 6, maybe the best option for iOS 6 users is to just jailbreak their device.

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