It seems that Google’s Project Glass has more than meets the eye (hah, I kill myself! Pardon the pun), as a second patent for Project Glass has just been discovered, where it was aptly called Google Project Glass Part 2. The “second part” of the Google Project Glass patent parades a binocular Head Mounted Display, which does seem as though it is a whole lot more conducive for the end user, it does seem to be a headache for Google engineers, since they have to work on how to eliminate the possible misalignment between both sides.

Assuming there is a misalignment which happens all too often with those of us who wear glasses, the user will no doubt suffer from different unwelcome symptoms such as dizziness, a disoriented feeling as well as an overall poor experience with Project Glass. Google hopes to remedy this situation with a laser alignment sensor system that will work in tandem with two sensors, and mechanical actuators will “fix” deformities in the unit for ideal alignment. Sounds as though Project Glass has gotten a whole lot smarter, no?

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